Online platform to assist kids in the awareness of money.

ING wanted to make their youngest clients more money-wise and educate them to spend their money wisely.

We created a competition with an online platform for them. The competition, Chicks vs Dudes, was held between 10 school kids (aged 12). All the kids got a bankcard with €75 euro on it. With that money they had to complete 3 assignments. These assignments were judged on how much it cost and how nice it was. The assignments were:

• Buy a lunch

• Buy a new outfit

• Buy a gift for your parents

The winner who had the most money left and gained the most ‘likes’ was the winner.

The online platform showed an overview of the total score between ‘The chicks’ and ‘the dudes’. But the kids also had a personal page, were they could upload the pictures of what they bought for their assignments. On that page people could like or dislike the outcome of the assignment. ING could also give comments and tips on that page.

The winner? The Chicks won the competition, easily! They had the most money left and gained the most likes.