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IPO, (Interprovinciaal overleg) is an organisation that represents the the interests of the provinces in ‘The hague’ (the dutch government) and ‘Brussel’ (EU). It offers a platform to stimulate innovation and an exchange of knowledge between the different provincies. The 11 policy fields have an important place on the new websites.



On the previous website the users couldn’t determine the 11 policy fields; It wasn’t clear where to find them. We had to find a solution to make them visibly obvious, without loosing the clarity on the aim of the website.



By giving them a prominent place on every page, we provided a clear navigation structure to the site. The overall menu is always at the top of the page and the policy fields are always on the left. To keep every page clear and have focus on the content, we didn’t use a text menu, we created a completely new icon-set with updated colours to make it for easy for the user. By using icons the page stays quiet and the information is crystal clear. With the mouse hovering over the text, menu’s appear so the user has an icon and text to navigate to their policy field.

The Icon set we created for the policy menu.

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Policy menu on the left

Commissioned by Osage.