Redesign of the onboarding process

Problem were struggling to sell their ‘Digital reading’ subscription. The subscription contains access to the full library of digital magazines published by Sanoma. The on-boarding process presented on their old website was difficult and didn’t provide proper user feedback. Customers were lost and couldn’t find what they were looking for.

Another difficulty they were facing was that customers who already had a subscription for a printed magazine received a discount for the Digital Contract, and therefore needed a code to link the two. In the current set up it was not clear on how customers could link the two contracts using the discount code, so we changed the process in order offer more simplicity.


With the available user data, I have made the persona’s. This provides a good insight on the different users and their needs.

User flows

To gain insight on the different needs of the different users, I have created User flows. This differentiates between users that have an existing subscription for a paper magazine, users that are there for the first time or users that want to cancel their subscription.


This is one of the simplified user flows. User chooses for ‘Digital reading’ and he/she will be asked to create a profile. Upon profile creation, the user can choose different subscriptions. This is with an aim to facilitate the different users. (User that use it not so much to power users). The user is then asked to pay and he/she receives a confirmation.

1. Choose ‘Digital reading’

2. Fill in name and address. People could link easily their current contract with Sanoma.

3. Choose your contract.

4. Payment methods.

5. Confirmation.

User test

To test and validate the wire frames we performed a User test. This gave us valuable user insights, which were helpful for the remainder of the process. During the test we used eye tracking.